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You are here : Obituaries : Articles : Prof. Toshiharu Kojiri

Prof. Toshiharu Kojiri has passed away on November 2nd, 2011

Prof. Kojiri was head of the Water Resources Research Center in Kyoto University. He was recently elected a Council Member of IAHR, and was Chair of the IAHR Working Group on Climate Change. Prof Kojiri was also closely involved in launching and was President of the IAHR Japan Chapter.
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Peter Assa, PhD
I am very sorry have just known that Professor kojiri has passed away. I apologize to the the lady of Professor Kojiri that I just can expresse my condolences today. I just got the information from Professor Ohgushi of Saga University. I and My wife would like to express our deep condolences for late Professor kojiri. Thank you Professor kojiri, we will never forget you and Mrs Kojiri's kindness and nice welcoming us in Kyoto.
Umed Panu 
I have known Toshi Kojiri since 1986 as a friend and professional. We collaborated on many occasions and have had opportunities to visit him in Japan as a JPSP Visiting Professor. Toshi Kojiri also visited Lakehead University several times. 
He was a devoted researcher, a conscious teacher, and an impeccable professional. He competently set up excellent research laboratories both at Gifu University as well as Kyoto University and specifically Disaster Prevention Research Institute in Uji, Japan.
I only came to know today about dear Toshi Kojiri through a journal article. Last time, I have had opportunity to meet him was at the Water 2010 Conference held at Quebec City. At that time, Toshi was suffering from ailments but as a true professional participated in all events/meetings at the conference. Even today, it is a sad day to loose such a true friend and very difficult to accept that he is no longer among us. May God impart peace and tranquility to his departed soul.
May God impart strength and courage to his wife and two daughters in this difficult hour.
prof. Rashid Kulmatov 
Back in 2009, I was fortunate to have gotten acquainted with Professor Toshiharu Kojiri when I carried out researches in his Water Resources Research Center under JSPS grant. I have become very familiar with his scientific researches. Professor T Kojiri was indeed the scientist of a world scale. His premature death was a huge losses not only for staff of Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto University, but as well as myself. I send my deepest condolences to his family and to his colleagues.
Masayoshi Nakashima
In holding the late Professor Toshiharu Kojiri's funeral here today, on behalf of the Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI) of Kyoto University, I sincerely say the last greeting in front of his soul.
Prof. Toshiharu Kojiri graduated the Department of Civil Engineering, Kyoto University in 1972. After that he worked as a faculty member (assistant professor, associate professor) of Kyoto University from 1974 to 1985. Then, he moved to the faculty of Engineering of Gifu University as an associate professor. He was promoted to be a professor in 1992. He came back to Kyoto University in 1997. Since then, he has been engaged in research and education as a professor in Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) in our institute.
In the meantime, he dedicated himself to the research on water resources and water environmental systems. In water resources management, he developed his own academic field by constructing the theory not only based on mathematical and probabilistic approach, but adopting knowledge engineering methodology as well with foreseeing the limitation of traditional approach. Moreover, in the time when the progress of global warming itself was still under discussion, he pointed out the importance of its impacts on water resources and conducted pioneering research on this issue. Furthermore, during the time when quantitative securement of water resources was thought to be the first priority from social development pressure, he insisted the necessity of integrated management of water quality, water environment and ecosystem, and put so much effort to develop the numerical model which enables the simulation of those components concurrently. For those prominent academic achievements, he was awarded the Asia Pacific Division paper prize from International Association for Hydraulic Research (IAHR) and the scientific prize from Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources (JSHWR).
As an educator in universities, he was enthusiastic about human resources development, and many talented people were sent out from his laboratory to academia, industry, and government. Also he played important administrative role as a vice director of DPRI, a chief of WRRC and so on. Off campus, he acted as a board member and councilor of JSHWR, Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE). Also, he had important positions at related international scientific societies including IAHR, contributing to the improvement of the presence of Japan. He was just elected to the board member of IAHR in June 2011, and was highly motivated to work for international contributions more than ever.
Prof. Kojiri had health upset from July 2011, and he had been striven for medical treatment in the hospital since then. In spite of the medicinal effect, he left for the next world on 2nd November 2011. On the occasion of the misfortune of the loss of mainstay of a family, please accept my deep sympathy for your heartache and sadness. Moreover, it is also the deepest regret for DPRI to have lost irreplaceable person in the time when huge disasters attack not only Japan but also every part of the world, and when the role of the disaster prevention research should be reexamined and emphasized.
Prof. Kojiri, you have led us for the long period. I'm thankful for this from the bottom of my heart. Please watch forever DPRI together with your family.
I close my last greeting, praying sincerely for the peace of Prof.Kojiri's soul.
I know your enthusiastic passion on the issues related to water resources.. I remerber vividly of your warm welcome when I visited Kyoto Univ.. as a graduate student in 2005... I will miss you and remeber your achievements.. Rest in peace..
Jang Hyun Sung 
I met Prof. Kojiri at KU-SNU seminar with Prof. Young-Oh, Kim. I am very sad to hear about Prof. Kojiri. I'd like to express my condolences.
Niroj Poudel 
I was saddened to hear of Prof. Kojiri’s death. I want to express my heartfelt condolence. Prof. Kojiri was such a wonderful person, and so many people will miss him.
Tae-Ho Kang 
I met him a few time, but even with such a little chance, I could know that prof. Toshiharu Kojiri has warm heart and is a great and honorable scholar. It is very sad to hear this news and I pray for the peace of his soul.
Seung Beom Seo 
I was greatly saddened by the news of Prof. Kojiri's death. I would like to express to you my deeply felt condolences.
Amin Nawahda 
I feel so sorry to hear this news. Certainly, I will not forget him and the lovely hours I spent in his lab. This is our limited life and it will come to an end one day but we should live with hope until the last moment.
Kenji Tanaka 
During the 18-year battle with multiple myeloma, Prof.Kojiri always showed us his strong will to make innovative research.
I'd like to express my deepest condolences. May his soul rest in peace.
Young-Oh Kim
Prof. Kojiri was not just a Japanese but the very international scholar who embraced many coleagues of water resources in the world. However, he left us too early but will remain us for ever. 
The last 10 years with him were always pleasant to us, especially the water resources management comittee of IAHR. I should have said to him before he passed away "I owe him very much and really appreciate his guidance. May he rest well in the heaven...
Prof.Tawatchai Tingsanchali 
I wish to express my deepest condolences to the passing away of Prof. Kojiri whom I have known for more than 20 years. May his soul rest in peace eternally.
Dr.-Ing.Phatcharasak Arlai
Prof.Kojiri is a very nice professor. When I have gotten knowing his news, I have been upset for his passing away. However, this is a nature of life whoever can not escape from this. But this guy has done uncountable merit on the hydrology and water resource. These will be eternally for our academic society. Let you go to be peace place.
Paulo Chaves
I am very sad to hear about Professor Kojiri.
I will always be grateful for all the things he did for me during the precious time I spent studying under his supervision.
In his calm and steady way of being, he was able to involve, transmit and elude the people around him.
Being around him, for me, was a constant learning experience, which went further and beyond the simple matters of the natural science topics. It was a chance to perceive and think the world and its people in a unique multifaceted way. A man of few words but much inspiration.
My sincere condolences to all his family and loved ones.
May him rest in peace. The ultimate tribute to a respectable world citizen, an honorable man, a great professor, an inspiring guide, a friend.
With great sadness
Elena Kirilova Bojilova
It was a great honor for me to work with prof. Kojiri. I want to express my deer adoration to him. May his memory live for ever!
Mohamed Saber 
I was saddened by his loss, I am deeply expressed my sympathy and condolence to his family, friends, relatives and all those who know him. I was one of his students for four years (2006-2010)doctoral degree, he gave me the best guidance, help, support, and he teach me alot, especially Wadi system hydrology in Egypt and all the arid countries, etc. he really was very good supervisor and teacher.
Prof. Kojiri gave me the orientation of my current research, he encouraged me to study wadi system, especially the Nile River, as well as other wadi system at Saudi Arabia, at Oman, he always searching to the originality in research, finding the new approaches and methodologies, and he was always helpful, kindness, powerful and good leader.
Professor Kojiri was a friend of Egypt and several Egyptian Universities, started with Assuit, and then Alexandria and NWRC. He started with the previous Egyptian universities a collaboration work which are still working.
I am expressing my deepest sadness, sorrow, sympathy, and condolence to me first, and to his wife, family, friends, relatives, and all professors in Kyoto University as well as all who know him. I'm sending all of you my most sincere condolences and deepest sympathy on this big loss.
Soliman, Mohamed Reda
Dear Prof. Kojiri,
Thank you very much.
Despite, I have met prof. Kojiri a few times, I touched an honor man who has absolute hospitality.
I would like to express my sadness and sorrow for this great professor. May allah accept your deeds and give you his mercy.
Guna Paudyal
I am very sad to hear this news. I have known Prof. Kojiri since 1984, as a friend. I met him several times in Japan, Thailand and Canada. Such a fine person. Please convey my condolences to his family. Thank you. Guna Paudyal, DHI.
R. Gopakumar
My heartfelt condolences to the family members of Prof. Toshiharu Kojiri. I pray for the peace of his soul.
Elena Kirilova Bojilova
It was a great honor for me to work with prof. Kojiri. I want to express my deer adoration to him. May his memory live for ever!
Arthur Mynett
Dear colleagues and friends,
Although not as a surprise, the message still comes with a sad feeling ...until very recently toshi has been actively contributing to our association, both on council and as a major driver in the iahr working group on climate change under the auspices of the standing committee on global water issues. We will all miss the dedication and inspiration he demonstrated even recently at the special climate session held at iahr brisbane ...
Please convey my sincere condolences to his near ones.
With kind regards,
Pradeep Mujumdar
We are all shocked to learn about Toshi's demise - When I met him in Brisbane, he was quite ill, but no one could make it out: he participated in all meetings and events with the same energy and zeal as he has always done. Clearly, he was not an ordinary mortal - he has in fact been the main motivating force behind the WRM Committee (Section earlier) and the Climate Change Working Group. For many of us, he was an inspirational figure, and with his soft spoken nature he was dear to every one who worked with him.
Dr. P L Patel
It is really very sad news for the Toshi family and entire Water Resources Engineering fraternity. He was an inspiring figure for all of us in his commitments even in adverse health situation. We pray all mighty for the peace of the departed soul.
D Nagesh Kumar
I knew Toshi for a long time and met him many times in India, Japan and Australia. He is a thorough gentleman and excellent Professional. My heartfelt condolences to Toshi's family and friends.
Christopher George
Dear Hitoshi, we were struck by the sad news of the loss of prof. Kojiri.
Please send to family of Ttoshi and to all the Japanese Colleagues, also on behalf of the Committe and all the members of the European Division, the senses of our deep condolence.
Aronne Armanini
Chair of the European Division Commettee.
James Ball
My condolences to Toshi's family and friends. We will miss his energy and kindness.
Angelos Findikakis
I was saddened by the news of Toshi's passing. I was in the session on climate change in Brisbane and I was impressed by the presentation of the recent work of Toshi and his group.His contributions to the work of the standing committee on global water issues were many, and his leadership in research on the impact of climate change on water resources was significant.He will be missed.
Zhaoyin Wang
I was saddened by the news of Prof. Kojiri's passing. I knew Prof. Kojiri since 1996 when we both attended the IAHR-APD congress in Thailand. We developed friendship during our cooperation espacially in 2002 when we cooperated in organization of the ad hoc committee for flood defence and the second International Symposium on Flood Defence, which was held in 2002 in Beijing. Prof. Kojiri is friendly, soft and engergetic. His contribution in water will be remembered forever.Zhaoyin Wang Tsinghua University.


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