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You are here : Obituaries : Articles : Jacob Egbert Prins

Jacob Egbert Prins (1925-2010) 

Jacob Egbert Prins was born on May 31, 1925 in Culemborg, The Netherlands, and passed away on January 25, 2010 in Delft.
He was a beloved husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather.
Jacob Egbert Prins was associated to IAHR as Secretary-General and resigned as such in 1990.
Afterwards – in 1992 - he became co-opted member (elect).
Until his death he was an individual member of IAHR.
Delft, January 2010

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I was shock to learn that Prof. Prince passed away, I would like to take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt condolences to his wife and family members. He was associated to IRTCES as its member of First Advisory Council. I have been together with him when he was in Guangzhou for the first meeting of the First advisory council. Xiaoying Liu, IRTCES, 20 Chegongzhuang Road West, Beijing 100048, China, Tel:+86 10 68786413
Dear all:
My first direct contact with Egbert was in 1990 in the meetings for organizing IAHR Congress in Madrid. It was for me my first (among many others) lesson about patience with criteria that his so convenient for moving a mostly voluntary endeavor like IAHR. After that I have meet him many times and for me was specially moving the last one, when I went to Delft for preparing the transfer of IAHR secretariat to Spain. In that occasion he made to me a very special gift that showed his love for IAHR: A lot of ancient books that represented the start of our Association.
I will remain always a grateful debtor to our dear Egbert.
Cristóbal Mateos 
Condolences to his wife, Nel, and his children
Peter JM Kerssens
Project Manager Deltares
Ding Lianzhen
My sincere condolence to Prof. Prince's family. Ding Lianzhen, IRTCES, China
Dear Chris,
please add my name on the condolence list of IAHR. I remember Egbert Prince as a very engaged IAHR-member at several IAHR congresses.
Thank you for your information of Jan. 27, 2010.
It is very sad news for me.
Please accept my sincere condolences on Mr. Egbert Prins, former IAHR Secretary General, death.
I memorized that when I was a Division Chairman and Vice President, he always gave us good assistance on my job.
he was a very reliable person.
With best regards,
Akira WADA
Dear all,
Our Chinese IAHR Members feel deeply sad for JE Prins' passing away. In 1986 he came to China talking with hydraulic scholars and officers, expressing welcome more Chinese scholar to join IAHR. Next year, 15 Chinese engineers participated the 22nd IAHR Congress in Lausanne. Now we have more than ten times of members in 1987, we will always remember Prins' contribution to IAHR Society.
Best wishes to Prins' family.
Guifen Li,
Zennan Dong
Wenqian Zhao
Jianhua Tao
Lianxiang Wang
Dear Helmut and Forrest,
It was a great shock for many outside the small family circle of Egbert to hear the news of his demise, to-day a week ago. He had been in hospital before the Christmas break but by then it had been too late already. He became incoherent, lost speech and sight and could only be taken care of properly in an infirmary. Of and on it was possible for the nearest family to get some impression that Egbert realized who was visiting and talking to him.
Last Saturday a service was held in his honour. It was organized by his children (Robert, Yke and Hajo) with the full consent of Nel of course. The selection of music and the words spoken from different angles of and over his life made it a – albeit sad – very memorable and compassionate service. Hajo – their youngest son – becomes more and more alike Egbert.
I spoke briefly on behalf of Delft Hydraulics and IAHR.
Probably the oldest attendant was Harold Schoemaker, Egbert’s predecessor at both institutions. Schoe as he is affectionately called is 94 years old and – accompanied by his daughter – seems to be going still rather strong. 
Kind regards,
Henk Jan
Hello Henk Jan and colleagues
Thank you all very much for sharing your association and experiences with Egbert Prins . It was nice for me to hear about them. When I was a junior member of IAHR, Egbert's name was the only one which came to my mind everytime I thought of IAHR. Although I did not have close relationship with him personally when I became more active in IAHR, I always remembered and revered him as an important symbol in the history of IAHR. 
With best regards to everyone
Dear Henk Jan, Helmut, Forrest and all others,
Thank you for Henk Jan's information about service for Egbert Prins. Last several months brought us all a number of sad news. We have been all related to the same professsion and domain of interest through the passion of what we have been doing. 
And this older generation of IAHR members succeeded somehow in maintaining tradition of links within this small world of hydraulics. 
We knew each other, respected each other and tried to work to the same purpose. As it goes I have never could undertake important responsibilities within the Association but as many others who were in the same situation I did feel that I belonged to this special "club".
We can only hope that younger generation will keep this tradition alive in spite of globalisation and various incidents like economical crises or bankers' and traders acrobacies! 
Well, my best regards to everybody of the "old guard" as well as those of the "young guard" (sorry for that Napoleonian expression, but I write from France after all).
Jean Cunge
Dear all,
It is very sad news for us.
When he was the Secretary General of IAHR, we had the IAHR World Congress in Tokyo in 1993. It was most impressive for me that Egbert provided superior service to keep the tradition of IAHR giving key suggestions to the LOC.
I appreciate very much his dedication to IAHR.
With best regards,
Nobuyuki Tamai
Dear all,
the news that Egbert Prins has passed away has made me feel very sad. At the same time, it recalls fond memories about many years of joint activities for IAHR.
Egbert during his time as Secretary General has always been a highly esteemed and dedicated leader and coordinator for IAHR, providing continuity while also being always open to new ideas and their implementation for our organisation. At the same time, he was a kind, friendly and helpful colleague and a leading example for all Council members. For me, he has always exemplified the "homebase" of IAHR.
Our thoughts and condolences are with his wife Nel and the entire family.
Helmut Kobus
Dear all,
It was with great sadness that I received the news of Egbert’s passing away. We have collaborated for many years and particularly during my eight years as editor of the IAHR Journal I had the benefit of his wisdom and guidance. During our many contacts in Delft, Newcastle and at Council we became friends and I remember particularly fondly our joint holiday trip through the west of USA before the council meeting in Tiburon in 1990.
My thoughts are with Egbert’s wife Nel and his family
Pavel Novak
Dear All,
My memories of Egbert come primarily from the Moscow Congress where I received the Ippen Award, and my first Council meeting in Budapest. If I remember correctly, Henk Jan became Secretary General at the next meeting, in Ottawa.
Egbert was such a gentleman, and so utterly devoted to the welfare of IAHR. I am very happy that he had such a nice long retirement during which he could indulge his passions in non-engineering artistic pursuits.
We all will miss him.


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